I have been instructed to sell the following single owner collection on a commission basis. Most are v.g.c to mint.

Milbro L.M.S. 3rd brake. Original box £425.00 


 Bonds L.M.S. 3rd Corridor no.5492 £425.00 


Bonds L.M.S. 3rd brake Corridor no.1774 £425.00 


Bonds L.M.S. 1st/3rd Corridor no.2766 £425.00 


Milbro L.M.S. 1st sleeping car no.1267 £275.00 


 Milbro L.M.S. 3rd brake no.5389 in Bassett-Lowke box. Fine scale wheels. £275.00 


 Exley L.M.S. 1st/3rd sleeping car no.700 £450.00


Exley L.M.S. 1st/3rd sleeping car no.718, in Bassett-Lowke box. Works on 2/3 rail track. £450.00 


Exley L.M.S. K5 centre corridor 1st. no.7222 £300.00 


Exley L.M.S. centre corridor 3rd brake no.8858 £300.00 


Bonds L.M.S. 4F 0-6-0 no.4386 original boxed £3500.00 



Exley L.M.S. 6 Wheel Suburban passenger coach, one of four available. Please ask for further details. £300.00 each 

Unknown make. L.M.S. 0-4-4T no.1420 re-painted by Simon Greenwood £550.00 


Repro Bassett-Lowke ex G.W.R. Pannier 0-6-0T no.L94 London Transport. £2500.00