A range of quality coaches are always kept in stock.

Exley for Bassett-Lowke "Lord Nelson" Portsmouth set S.R. 2-Car E.M.U. £1500.00 Exley G.W.R. Ocean Mail. near mint. £650.00 Exley L.M.S. 1st restaurant car no 42 £550.00

Exley L.M.S. 1st restaurant car no 52 £550.00 


Exley LMS Kitchen Car no. 41144 £525  


 Bing "shortie coach" L.M.S full brake. £140 


Bing "shortie coach" L.M.S Suburban 1st/3rd coach. £150



Bing "shortie coach" L.N.E.R Suburban 1st/3rd. £130 




Bing "shortie coach" L.N.E.R 1st/3rd Suburban. £130 


Exley Bassett Lowke Southern Buffett Car £850 


Bassett - Lowke Goods, wagons and guards van. Wagons £20 Guard van £30